Are You Leading or Bossing?

You all aren’t dumb.  There is a difference between a manager/boss and a leader.  A leader puts in the effort.  A boss tells you to put in the effort while they kick their feet up.  As a leader, you should never ask your staff to do something that you could do as easily with Siri or Google.  “Google John Doe’s number for me” is not legitimate delegation.  “Get this report written for me so that I can present it” is. Truth be told, no one wants to do meaningless work, but a lot of bosses go on power trips and ask people to complete idiotic tasks just because they want folks to know who is “in charge.”  Well, if you act like that, how long do you think you’ll be in charge?  These days, a worthwhile employee’s loyalty is only given to those who appreciate it.  If you don’t appreciate me, you won’t have me around for long.  So, leaders, think about how you can take some of the unnecessary slack off your team.  Know the difference between delegating and just being plain lazy.  Maybe it means getting your hands a bit dirty too by doing some real work but hey, are you above doing that?  If you think so, maybe you need to reevaluate what it really means to lead.


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