Get to Know Their Strengths

Congrats! You’ve newly been appointed the supervisor of a team of people. Or you’ve acquired a new team member. Either way, every person you work with has a set of skills that they bring to the team. But, by introducing someone new to your team (be it a new manager or new employee), more work must be done and it is the manager’s responsibility to complete this task: Get to know their strengths.

As a leader, though you ought to be working as hard as your staff, much of that work comes by way of strategic delegation. But, guess what? If you don’t know who is on your team and what they excel at, you cannot effectively use their skill set to make your organization better. Or, worse, if you misuse/underuse their ability, you will have a disengaged employee who will resent you, as their leader/manager, and who will eventually leave your organization for one that empowers them to be better.

So take some time to, at worst, survey your team and, at best, invite them to your office for a conversation and coffee. It will do two things: make them feel more valued and, secondly, it will allow you to get to know what it is they are interested in. The interview was them trying to get the job. Now your job is trying to get them to stay and maximize their potential.


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