Let People Do Their Jobs

Managers, you hired John to do jobs x, y, and z, right?  So why is he doing jobs c, b, and a?  I use those letters because they are at completely different ends of the spectrum.  Now, I understand that sometimes, wrenches get thrown in plans and the slack has to be picked up.  But if you have the resources to not take someone away from the job they’re supposed to be doing, don’t take them away.  And especially not to do something that has nothing to do with their skill set.  Just because Ray Kroc has the ability to flip Big Macs doesn’t mean he’s supposed to waste his time doing that, right?  That would be a waste of his amazing business mind, right?  And I can almost guarantee that John could be using the time that you’ve taken from him to do what you’ve hired him to do.  And, even more likely, when he doesn’t get what you wanted him to get done in the time frame which you desire, you’ll be chastising him about his inability to finish a project.  But let’s look at the reasoning behind why he didn’t get it done.

The hiring department is called “Human Resources” for a reason: because these people you hire are resources that should help you run your department effectively.  But many of you managers are misusing these resources on the wrong things.  Do better.


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