Stop Cutting Corners

There is no easy path to success.  Every corner you try to cut piles up and turns into an obstacle you have to overcome.  Now, everyone cuts corners from time to time because we are human but you determine how high that obstacle you cut is.  Do you want to climb a mountain of corners or step over an anthill?

The thing is, the immediate consequences of a cut corner can keep you from reaching your goals.  Those extra 5 push ups you didn’t do can keep you from being able to push through that defensive line when it’s 4th and goal.  Or that extra paragraph you didn’t write to complete your page requirement on a paper with a tough professor could force you into getting an F.  And, in the real working world, cutting corners can get you so far behind on a project that you end up beating yourself up and stressing yourself out.  So how about you just work through the corners when you’re in the mood to work and it’ll make the rest of your day go smoothly?

Make professional development a priority.


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