Customer Service

Customer service.  Two words that can make or break your business.

Today, I worked with a vendor that my organization has been working with for over a decade and they decided to charge me an exorbitant amount for a minor request.  Now, I’ve been with this organization for only 3 months and this project will be under my per view for as long as I hold this position at this organization so do you think I am going to want to bring this project back to them next year?  Probably not.

Giving great service isn’t only about giving great service.  It is also about giving out free things sometimes.  And, it helps you more than it hurts you to toss in a freebie every now and then, do it.  It may not add to your bottom line right now but I can bet it won’t take away from it either.  And it’ll probably add to it in the long run.  Just some food for thought.

Make professional development a priority.


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