Getting Over Bad Cases

Just as bad as, if not worse than, a bad case of the Mondays is a terrible case of the Fridays.  On Mondays, especially during the fall when, no matter what time I wake up, it’s always going to be dark, getting out of the bed and into the car to make it up the stairs of my building is borderline cruel and unusual punishment.  But the thing that sets Mondays apart from Fridays is that I’m reenergized and I know I have to push through to get to the glorious weekend.  Fridays, on the other hand, consist of me counting down the minutes until I can walk out of the office without feeling guilty.

I’ve started looking at Fridays differently though.  I now see them as a way to make Mondays better.  I get in on Fridays and start by cleaning out my email inbox and then I try to organize my office.  I tie up loose ends and, if I have none to tie up, I create a to do list and time line for the coming week.  The structure and organization allow me to really hate Mondays a lot less because I know that, when I come in for the next week, I truly have a fresh start.  So, maybe by changing your attitude, you can change your outlook for the week and look forward to Mondays (or at least not despise them).


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