Quit Settling

I do not dare assume that we all have goals because, in order to have a goal, there need to be steps that you have established to reach that goal.  But we all do have dreams.  Whether time and life have tag teamed you and crushed them, the remnants of the dreams remain and they will never die.  I saw a tweet the other day about a woman in her 70s who just received her high school diploma.  To many, that means nothing.  To her, it meant the world.  So, I’m not saying that your dreams have to align with mine.  Don’t let me invalidate your dream but don’t you invalidate it either.  If your dream is to successfully own your own business and you’re sitting in a position that isn’t helping you do that, fine.  But today decide that you’re going to write down a set of goals and a plan of action that will allow you to get that business off the ground.  If you want to be the CMO at a Fortune 500 company, decide today that you’re going to look into MBA programs with the area of specialization that the top CMOs have.  But don’t just become complacent.  The older you get, the more challenging it becomes to turn your dreams into goals.  So do it now as much as you can.


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