The Buy-In

Ok, so I have been preaching and preaching about entrepreneurship and leadership and then I remembered that it’s not everyone’s goal to be at the head of the table.  And there is nothing wrong with that.  There are plenty of things in life that I’m not comfortable with.  But one thing that everyone, regardless of position in an organization, needs is a reason to buy into the vision.  If you work at Burger King, you need to be proud saying that your company provides healthy nourishment to the people of America for a reasonable cost (Now, saying that without it being true is just lying and that is a topic for another post).  But really, those of us on the inside see what really goes on in our companies and that is why so many people feel that their day to day job has no value.  We’re building up a dream that we don’t believe in.

So, companies, leadership, and boards across the nation, how about we start making sure our values are transparent and that they match with our products/services.  I’m not saying everyone has to provide organic food.  But, if your company doesn’t find employees that are ok smiling and saying “I work at ____ and we provide you with the lowest quality of genetically modified foods for 8 times the cost of production and I get paid $7.77/hr but hey, you’re eating so we’re happy.”

Make professional development a priority.


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