Sometimes It Won’t Make Sense

… and that’s ok.

I realize that, with every single job that I have, there are things that are done that make no sense.  There are processes that are archaic that companies/organizations don’t want to change because people gravitate to what they know and that is what it is.  But I do them because I’m getting paid.  And you should too if you want to keep your job (as long as it doesn’t go against your morals of course).

But, knowing that, when you get to a place of leadership, don’t be afraid to shake things up.  Ask employees how processes  can be improved and, if their suggestions make sense, implement them.  Do some digging and find things that aren’t functioning properly and modify/eliminate processes (not people if it can be helped) to make things run more smoothly.  We have all been in situations where we ask, “Why am I doing this?”  As much as you can, don’t make anyone else ask the same thing.


Make professional development a priority.


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