Watch Your Mouth

“A man curses because he doesn’t have the words to say what’s on his mind.”

I curse.  Many of my friends do.  But in the business setting, we should be able to utilize words that will effectively express what we are thinking AND will not offend anyone else.  Sure, you may have opinions that will not sit well with those who work alongside you but everyone is entitled to an opinion.  If someone is offended by your opinion, so be it.  But it is up to you to use words that cannot be misconstrued.  Many obscenities have numerous meanings in Western Society.  So, yes, I could say, “That’s a piece of ****” when asked what I think of a proposed project or I could say “I don’t think that project will work because it lacks substance, vision, and execution.”  Either way, someone will likely be offended by your point of view, but at least they will know why they are offended, specifically.  And, if you give them logical reasoning explaining why you disagree with their stance, can they really be upset at you or should they look in the mirror and critique themselves for not being more articulate?

Make professional development a priority.


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