Making It Through the Final Stretch

Can you believe that 2016 is 30 days from its end?  Regardless of where you are today, the fact that you are still here means that this year was a blessing.  We’ve all suffered losses, experienced victories, and we’re on the last lap.  For many of us, the end of the month comes with some additional time off for the holiday season so now the goal is to make it through this month while being productive and not just coasting your way into 2016.  The question is “How?”  I’ve got a few tips.

1 – Review this past year’s goals.  How have you succeeded?  What lessons have you learned to make you better?  What goals can still be accomplished?  What do you need to accomplish them?  As you move into the new year, don’t just acknowledge what this year has brought you but also what it has taught you.

2 – Set objectives for December.  How many people do you need to work with to meet this year’s goals?  How far are you from reaching a fundraising/clientele, blogging, etc. goal?  What do you need to be reading to bolster your success (other than The Daniels Daily Reader, that is)?  Figure out how you can reach  (or at least come close to) your goals within these last few weeks.

3 – Budget your time.  Though we are 30 days from the end of the year, you need to manage your time as if you are 15 days from the end, because, as far as working days go, that is more accurate.  How can you effectively use each of those days to make the ends meet?

4 – Relax.  Use the end of the year to regenerate.  The beginning of every calendar year is refreshing but it is filled with new pressure to get things right.  Use your week or two off to meditate and redefine balance.  Have some fun.  Go on an adventure.  Do something with a loved one.  Hang out with a friend you haven’t seen in a while.

5 – Prepare for next year.  Take an honest inventory of where you are and what that means for where you want to go in 2016.  Set goals of every type, from physical to fiscal to professional to spiritual and set a plan that includes a timeline and/or benchmarks.  Set stretch goals and realistic goals.  Then write them all down.

As I said before, 2015 has been a year of lessons and blessings for us all.  The most important thing you can do in 2016 is turn all of this year’s lessons into blessings.  So here’s to another chance to get it right *raises imaginary glass*.

Make professional development a priority.


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