Young Professional See, Young Professional Do

Do you know what I don’t understand?  So many professionals not knowing how to dress.  In 2015, there is no excuse for you to be 5’8″ in a 3 button suit with all three buttons buttoned.  Or to have your belt not matching your shoes when you have a full suit on.  I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but books get left on the shelf every day, B.

Suggestion: How about you find a book on being well-dressed or, if you can humble yourself, find someone who is a successful professional who looks like they have a sense of style and ask where they shop?  Or you could subscribe to a magazine like Forbes and imitate the top CEOs (if that’s the look you’re going for).  Better yet, hire me or someone else who has served as a wardrobe stylist for professionals at all levels of their career, from CEO to college intern to creative professional.  You only get one chance to make a first impression.  Do you want to look like you’re still in the 7th grade wearing your wino uncle’s sports coat or do you want to look like you went to see a tailor who knows how to make every inch of that Goodwill-bought suit look like it was made for you?

The choice is yours.

Make professional development a priority.


One thought on “Young Professional See, Young Professional Do

  1. Five foot eight. Three button suit with ALL. THREE. BUTTONED. The visual. And it actually pains me to see belts not matching shoes. That’s basic. I hope somebody reads this and wakes up. I might need to hire you myself!

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