“On the Rocks.”

On the 3rd, I turned 28.  On the 4th, I celebrated with a few friends.  We went to a local brewery and had a few drinks.  One of my fraternity brothers bought me a bottle of Kentucky bourbon that had been aged for 10 years.  And, last night, as I opened it for the first time, pouring the room temperature whiskey over two granite rocks that reside in the door of my freezer, I realized that most of my readers only come here for the workplace side of being a young professional.  But there is a lifestyle side which is equally, if not more, important.  So, today, I introduce to you all whiskey stones, a refined way of keeping your drinks cool.

Generally, when people say they would like their drinks “on the rocks,” they mean cubes of ice.  The problem with ice on a drink like whiskey, which is meant to be sipped as opposed to shot, is that it waters the liquor down.  However, these granite stones keep your drink chilled while maintaining its potency.  Plus they add a cool look to the drink and they are a great conversation starter.

So, when next time you are at your local Target, grab a box of whiskey stones.  A set of 6 is only $9.  Pretty reasonable price if you ask me.  And your boss will appreciate it when (s)he comes to visit and doesn’t have to drink a watered down glass of scotch.


Make professional development a priority.


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