Stop Assuming They Care

“Look scrapper, I got nephews to look after… Y’all don’t know my expenses.  I gotta buy bigger plates.”  — Shawn “Jay Z” Carter

How many times have you had someone come around your office building taking up money for this and that?  And, when you say you don’t have any cash on hand, they automatically either point you in the direction of an ATM (as if you don’t both work there) say they’ll come back around tomorrow.

Well, let me be the first to say I will not be bullied into giving.  Do I wish I could support every cause that a coworker is raising money for?  Yes.  But do I have bills, family, friends, and other responsibilities that require that I budget my money?  Yes.  So, sure, if I have a few extra dollars and am able to give to a cause that I deem worthy of my hard earned money, sure I’ll give.  But if not, coming back around in 24 hours isn’t going to change my answer.

The problem with me is I don’t waste people’s time and, for some reason, they are offended by that.  I don’t say “Let me think about it,” or “Come back tomorrow and maybe I’ll have it.”  Why would I do that if a) I know my mind isn’t going to change  and b) if my mind does change, I can easily come to your office?  So I just say “I’m not able to participate.”  Guess I should find a way to sugarcoat my versions of “No.”

Eric Thomas once said “It’s not anyone else’s responsibility to believe in and fund your dreams.”  So, don’t take it personally.  I just don’t see where x, y, or z adds value to things that I see as valuable.

Oh yeah… And I may be petty for this but, being that I’m in the fundraising business, if I don’t see your name on any of the staff giving lists (even the $1 campaign to increase participation numbers), don’t expect me to place money toward your cause unless I REALLY see it as beneficial to the greater community.  Long way of saying “If you scratch my back, there’s a better chance that I’ll scratch yours.”


Make professional development a priority.


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