Holiday Party Time!!!

So, whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukah, or New Year’s Day (everyone recognizes the new year, right?), many companies and organizations host their holiday parties and they involve games we may not be too enthusiastic about or, God forbid, karaoke.  Then you have those parties that can be so fun you just might lose your job.  So how do you make sure to keep a balance?  Well, I have a few suggestions.

1 – If it’s boring, don’t let it show.  Don’t sit around on your smartphone the entire time.  As much as you’d rather be somewhere else, be present for the time being if you value your job (and even if you don’t, still be present if you don’t have another job offer on the table because you at least should value your paycheck).

2 – Be sociable, even if you have to force the conversation.  Meet new people.  Who knows?  You might meet your new bestfriend.

3 – If there is alcohol, “moderation” is he word of the night.  Your coworkers don’t want to hold your hair while you pray to that white porcelain god.  And your boss doesn’t want to hear about how idiotic that project she gave you last week was.  So don’t over do it.  Please.
4 – Thank the host.  If your boss hosts or pays for it, send him/her a thank you email within a business day of the party.  Or, if you want to be real fancy, drop off a handwritten thank you card.

5 – Don’t under or overstay your welcome.  You don’t want to be the first to leave unless a) it’s getting late or b) you have a legitimate reason to go.  At the same time, unless you and the host are having an in depth conversation, don’t stay too long. If everyone else is gone, you should consider making a move too.

The holidays are a great time but make sure they don’t set you up to be looking for a job as opposed to a raise in January, 2016.
Make professional development a priority.


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