No… No… No… No… Yes.

Every ‘No’ is one step closer to a ‘Yes.’ — Boardwalk Empire

I am a firm believer that you have to get over your fears. I am afraid of heights. I get on roller coasters from time to time just to test myself.  I used to be afraid to drive cars after crashing one.  But now, it’s one of the things I do to clear my head.  And, I used to be afraid of getting rejected.  But I started embracing the word “No,” because I knew that, eventually, someone would say yes.  So, when I pitch to clients and they say “No,” I learn and I figure out whether it was the pricing or the service or the combination of both that led to the answer.  And, eventually, I get things right and, before you know it, I have an affirmation.  It might take 2 rejections.  It might take 10.  But, eventually, I know victory will be mine.  Because I take my “losses” as lessons.

Never quit.  Your victory is on its way.
Make professional development a priority.


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