Let (S)He Who is Without Flaw…

I don’t usually post about the entertainment world because, more often than not, the lessons that it teaches/tries to teach are superficial at best.  But, in the case of last night’s Ms. Universe competition, I must say that there is something that we, as logical individuals, must realize: mistakes will be made in professional settings.  Some mistakes will make us look illiterate.  Others may make us look incompetent.  And, still, others will just make us look clumsy.  But they will happen in every organization on every level.  When hiring people, you have to realize that their inevitable humanity will catch up with them.  So give people a break and be able to discern an honest mistake from a lack of focus.

Be human.  Embrace the humanity of others as you would your own.  And learn from your mistakes.  Because, if you don’t learn from them, then a real issue arises.


Make professional development a priority.


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