New Year, Old You

In the past few days, how many times have you seen “New year, new me” (or some variation of) across the gamut of social media platforms?  I cannot begin to count.  And that’s great.  Many people come into a new calendar year ready to turn over a new leaf.  But, when it comes to your professional life, I have a suggestion: How about you turn over a new leaf, applying what you know after having been in your position for x number of months/years but reverting back to the attitude you had on day one of the job.  Most people I know don’t accept a job they don’t want.  If you had a job before your current one, you leave it because of a better opportunity.  If you were looking for work before this position, you were grateful just to have the chance to earn a living.  Well, get back to that.  Go in today like it’s day one (because, in a way, it is).  Go in with something to prove.  Have an amazing attitude, exude dedication and time management, and know that you are going to make this the best year ever for your organization.  Your positivity and determination will be contagious and, before you know it, your whole department’s level of productivity will increase.  And, for those who don’t get on board, well, there’s this thing called a pink slip.  The only person who wants that is the person who wishes (s)he had your job.

Today is the first working day of 2016 for most of my readers.  Put on your best outfit.  Make sure you’re well-groomed.  Set goals.  Get back to the you that they saw the day after orientation.  The you that was grateful to be given an opportunity to work there.  And, when you find that mindset, do everything in your power to keep it.


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