Stop Hiding

So many people I know who are trying to be entrepreneurs/consultants and/or build their brands refuse to make themselves accessible via social media and, in this day and age, I just cannot understand why.  How, in a day and age when almost everything is accessible via the world wide web, are you not?  You cannot hide behind a veil of privacy settings forever.

Now, I’m not saying that every aspect of your life needs to be shared.  I’m not saying you need to have a profile on every social network.  But I shouldn’t go to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn profiles only to find that I cannot see anything except a profile picture.  And, if you do have private pages, make sure you have public ones as well.  Many people don’t know it but, in undergrad, I had two Twitter accounts.  One was for my boisterous bachelor behavior and the other was one that displayed my professionalism.  Now that I’m older and more mature, I no longer need multiple accounts.  I am able to integrate my professional and personal lives seamlessly.  My circle is smaller.  My nights are shorter.  But, for those of you still straddling the fence, I strongly suggest creating Twitter and Instagram accounts that, at the very least, make you look like you have a respectable level of education and social skill.

Now, as far as LinkedIn goes, if you are in/aspiring to the professional arena, you must have a profile.  If you don’t know how to build one, PLEASE reach out to me.  It is imperative that you keep building your brand up.  LinkedIn might not get you a job but not having a profile on there may hinder you from getting one.  Better safe than sorry, right?


Make professional development a priority.


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