Always Down to Save a Buck or Two

Upon entering undergrad, just knew I’d come out of UNCG making a ton of money annually.  And, I knew that, by 30, I’d be seeing six figures without question.  The thing is, though the latter of the two expectations could still happen, I’ve had to work hard for every cent I earned.  And, now, at 28, I will tell you that I still take full advantage of student discounts whenever possible.  Thankfully my wife is as thrifty as I am because she isn’t embarrassed to pull out her university identification card either.  Mind you, we both work at universities and many places discounts apply to students, staff, and faculty but, for those of you who are in grad school or are taking night classes (or maybe just still have your identification from 3 years back *cough cough*), student discounts are a great way to save on a date.  Just last weekend, we went out on our monthly date to the museum and, collectively, saved $10 on admission price.

As a young professional, you may not be making all the money in the world but, if you’re like Desirée and I, you probably still want to have fun and experience life while you’re still on the front end of (insert any number).  So do it.  Find free art exhibits.  Take advantage of BOGO deals on Chuck Taylors.  Look for flight glitches.  Coupon.  Go to the movies on economy days.  Make it work for you.  You don’t have to make $100,000 per year to enjoy life while being fiscally responsible.  You just have to look for value.

Make professional development a priority.


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