Off-Season Wishlist

Do you ever know you ever feel like you need a wardrobe staple but can’t afford it?  A pair of lightweight jeans?  An overcoat for the winter?  Well, I strongly suggest making an off-season wishlist.  Buying things at the ends of seasons or completely out of season is the thing to do.  See, at the end of a season, before many retailers ship everything back to warehouses to be stored, they’ll have a big sale with hopes of getting rid of a lot of inventory that won’t sell because, those folks who like to keep up with the Joneses “like, totally, would nev-er wear something so last year” (say it in your best Cher from Clueless voice).  So, you might as well exploit their overpricing on clothes because I can guarantee you that, even though you’re paying half price for whatever it may be, you’re paying two to four times what the company paid for it.  So, right now, look at your closet and say “What would help develop my wardrobe so that I can be a more successful (and maybe warmer) professional next winter?”  And then, right before the winter turns to spring, head to the quality retailer of your choice and purchase said item for half of what Johnny paid for it in October.


Make professional development a priority.


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