Developing the Values You Desire

So, I’m reading this great (free) e-book called 30 Days to a Better Man and day one of it was all about defining your values.  Then I thought about it and, I figured out that most people (myself included) have all of these values that we hold in high regard but those are values that we work to develop.  “I think it’s great when politicians have projected integrity” but we’re keeping pens that we got from the bank.  Or “I wish more celebrities would invest in the community,” but we fail to mentor the fatherless child down the street.  Values don’t set in by happenstance.  They are decided upon and developed.  If you haven’t sat down and prioritized your set of values, maybe you should.  And, after you prioritize them, come up with actions that will help you strengthen those values.  Then put a plan in place to execute those actions on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.  Because, without values, you’re just a hypocrite who wants those around them to uphold standards that (s)he fails to uphold.


Make professional development a priority.


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