Environmentally Conscious

No, I’m not talking about being a hippie or tree hugger.  When I talk about being environmentally conscious, I mean from a leadership standpoint.  How does your team feel?  Are their interactions with you short and cold or warm and inviting?  What’s going on in their personal lives that may be impacting their attitudes at work?  What are they getting paid?  What are their responsibilities and how do those responsibilities line up with what they were actually hired to do?  Knowing these things will help you lead them better and adjust the environment to make your place of work more desirable.

No one wants to be overworked and underpaid but, at times, we all feel as if we are.  The problem is when we feel that way constantly.  At that point, changes need to be made and those changes can either be made from the top (ideally) or from the bottom (usually not so ideal).  The bottom meaning your employees could stop producing or outright quit which requires you to spend more time and money on recruiting and onboarding.  Or, you, as a leader, could work to change the company culture.  Make sure people are there doing what they were hired to do.  If one person is spread too thin, find the funds to hire someone who can take on the extra responsibility OR find the funds to provide that original person with a raise.  In the event that you don’t do this, one of two things will happen: the productivity rate will decrease or the turnover rate will increase.

So, as opposed to trying to pad your own pockets or penny pinch dollars, how about you invest in the futures of your employees?  I would say the thought is revolutionary but I think paying an honest wage is why we have labor commissions and unions in this nation.  Have integrity and don’t allow those entities to dictate how well you treat those who work with you.

In the words of the great songstress Lauryn Hill, “it could all be so simple but you’d rather make it hard.”


Make professional development a priority.


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  1. Smart post on being conscious of your employee’s mindset, including any stress they carry to work. Sometimes employees bring their own personal finance stress to work as well. I am on a mission to help them. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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