Ideas Get Shot Down. Deal With It

Have you ever had a leader who hated having his/her ideas shot down?  Or, better question, are you that leader?  Well, sorry to say it, but you’re not always going to have the brightest idea.  Sometimes, you’re going to think of something that cannot be efficiently executed (I don’t say “cannot be executed” because, 400 years ago, people would’ve said man will never fly across the ocean and now we’ve touched the moon).

Now, most people think they’re open to criticism but are you really?  Being open to it is one thing but there is a difference between being open to it and inviting it.  To me, a good leader not only says “I have an open door policy for you to discuss grievances,” but (s)he also says “And, here is an anonymous grievance process for those who do not wish to be identified.”   A leader should be setting up periodic one-on-ones with those who (s)he has interaction with and not only reviewing that team member’s work but also asking for things that will improve the organization, from the highest position down.

Sadly, many of us get to a certain place in life and feel that our thought process is irrefutable gospel.  But, as the gorgeous Erykah Badu once put it, “The man that knows something knows that he knows nothing at all.”  Be willing to admit that your ideas may not always be the best.  That’s how, eventually, they will be because they won’t just be yours.  They will be you all’s.


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