The First Thing You Need to Do

Ok.  The first thing you need to do when you meet someone and exchange contact information, in the event that they don’t give you a business card, is make sure you have their name spelled correctly.  That is the very first thing.  I, personally, open up a new contact profile and hand the acquittance my iPhone and ask them to input their own contact information for two reasons: 1) so they spell their name correctly for me without me having to ask and, 2) so I get their email address and phone number flawlessly without having to go through repeating a bunch of characters that I could mishear.

But I digress.  Most folks I know are pretty attached to their names.  I certainly am.  And seeing “Darrell,” “Daryl,” or even “Deryl” is very annoying to me, especially when I’ve texted you the spelling of my name after our initial meeting (no reason for it to be misspelled in your contact information), I’ve emailed you, or, possibly worst of all, you’re writing me a message on LinkedIn/Facebook where you had to intentionally type my name correctly to find me, only to misspell it in the salutation.

That, my friends, is a good way to lose a business contact.

Even if the person’s name is Rick, he may just spell it Ric.  These days, folks have all kinds of spellings.  So, until you know that you know, look.

Just a piece of advice that will keep you from looking illiterate, lazy, or both.  Likely both.
Make professional development a priority.


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