When You Look Good…

I’m growing my hair out a little.  I love my clean cut look but I want to try something a little different and, being that I work at an HBCU (an environment where my African hair is less of a threat to my colleagues), I decided I’m going to have some fun with it.  But what I cannot do is grow it out and not maintain it.  Since it was getting a little scruffy around the edges, I went to my barber on Saturday and had her clean me up.  Yes, my beard is still rough but I’ve got a plan for that.  Either way, a fresh hairline will make any man’s self-confidence sky rocket.  So last night, I decided I’m wearing a suit to work today (I get my clothes together the night before whenever possible to avoid rushing the next day.  You should try it too).  I pressed my best French cuff shirt and some polished Cole Hann cap toes.  And, when I tell you I strolled into the office today looking like I make six figures (even though I’m far from it), I am not lying.

I am a firm believer in the fact that you should always make sure people know that you’re coveted by other companies.  Though I didn’t have an interview today, I’ve been asked by three individuals if I do.  And that happens weekly.  Know why?  Because I come into work looking like the kind of candidate that any company would want.  Now, this could work to your advantage or your detriment but, either way, come in looking like you want better for yourself.  People will either treat you better or another opportunity will be presented to you.  But, either way, you’ll be winning.


Make professional development a priority.


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