A Quick Tip About E-Mail Addresses

How many times do you see johnathanadoe87@anywhere.net in e-mail?  Isn’t it easier to read JohnathanADoe87@anywhere.net?  Utilizing capital letters to break the monotony in the contact information on your résumé will help ensure that, when a new contact or potential employer reaches out to you, they don’t miss anything.  It’s easy to overlook a middle initial and, sadly, people get frustrated and give up when something requires more effort than they think it should.  And, the beautiful thing is, most e-mail servers, such as the popular GMail, aren’t case sensitive when it comes to addresses, so changing the formatting on your résumé will not affect whether or not you receive correspondence.  All in all, having all lowercase letters in your résumé’s e-mail address field leaves too much room for error on the part of others.  Is that a risk you want to take?  I didn’t think so.

By the way, I type e-mail with a hyphen because, when I was young, I asked what “e-mail” stood for.  The “e” prefacing the mail is for “electronic.”  It has since become more and more common to remove the hyphen but many journalistic standards retain the hyphen (ex. Washington Post and New York Times).  Both “e-mail” and “email” are correct.  I just prefer the original format.  Guess that makes me old fashioned… Well, as old as you can get when discussing electronic mail.


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