Words to Live By

How many people do you know that have quotes in the signature their e-mails?  I know I have one.  It reads: “You only live once but legacies live forever.” ~ John D. Jackson.  It serves as a point of instruction to go into each day with the goal of building up your legacy in one way or another.  Ironically, this is my father’s birthday and I look at myself realizing that I am his legacy and, on each day of my life, he builds his legacy through us.  And we (my siblings and I) will build our legacies through our children and through the lives that we touch.  Therefore, his legacy lives forever.

But that wasn’t what inspired today’s post.  Just something to complement it.  Today, I got an e-mail from a colleague and the quote in her signature did not apply to the way (s)he interacts with people.  If your signature says “Treat people how you want to be treated.” or “Live by the golden rule.” or “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”, make sure you’re working to exhibit that quote on a daily basis.  Otherwise folks are going to find flaws in what you do.  Will you hit the mark each time?  No.  But at least make that earnest effort, lest those words in your signature are there with the intention of motivating everyone but yourself to be a better person.

And, yes, that’s me in the photograph above, back in 1987.


Make professional development a priority.


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