You Are What You Eat

A common saying amongst trainers is that “a six-pack is made in the kitchen, not the gym.”  For the past 40 days, I found out how true that was.  I’ve been on a fast of sorts with my church and I am feeling and seeing the difference.  Since it is Fitness Friday, I want to highlight the good that this fast has done for my body.  In a nutshell, I cut added alcohol and sugar out of my diet for the 40 days (with the exception of one designated “cheat” day).  In the gym, I feel my body performing much better.  I’m less sleepy at work.  I don’t need coffee every single day anymore.  Though I’m not going to do this forever, I will say that cutting back on eating a lot of the things I was before.  And, what’s nuts is, sugar is in so much of what we eat that I can now see why the national obesity rate is as high as it is.  We really have to get back to looking at the ingredients in our foods and regulating what we eat.  I’d rather a meal cost me $3 more now than $3,000 more in 30 years.

My challenge to you: Try it for a week (or two if you’re really gutsy).  Cut all alcohol as well as added sugar out of your diet (unless you’re a diabetic, at which point you should consult your physician).  Instead, try sweetening things with honey and fruit.  Look at the ingredients on everything.  Most breads and condiments have added sugar so it’ll be tough but you can do it.  And it works wonders.


Make your health a priority.


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