How Evernote Made My Professional Development Conference Experience Great

Oh man! I cannot thank Evernote enough! CASE District III was phenomenal and, in these 4 days, I took more notes than I did in my entire undergraduate career (just kidding but the ones that I did take this week were copious and reminded me of being back in a seminar classroom setting). So, in taking these notes, I used one of my favorite applications: Evernote (you probably figured that out based upon the title of this post).

How, Sway?

I’m glad you asked. Since Evernote is a cloud-based application and it allows you to take notes and access them on your computer, smartphone, tablet, or anyone else’s computer/smartphone/tablet. In each session of this conference, I had my convertible laptop/tablet and was so engaged that I knew I needed to be recording sessions as I was taking notes. So, as I was typing furiously on the tablet, I had a separate Evernote note open on my iPhone and was recording the audio (one of my favorite Evernote features is the record function), just in case I missed a major quote. On Friday, my coworkers and I are debriefing and I’m willing to bet that my notes will be amazing in comparison because of how seamless the application made my conference experience. Don’t let me mislead you: I love writing in the classic form but sometimes it’s not practical. If this laptop gets lost, stolen, or if I leave the organization, I will always have access to what I learned, audio, text, ideas, and all.

I’m not saying you need Evernote (Ok, you might but that’s just my bias talking). I’m saying you need to find professional tools that can make your job easier. Work smarter not harder.


Make professional development a priority.


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