fit Capture

fit Capture screen shot1


We all have Facebook and Instagram and Twitter.  All three platforms allow us to post photographs.  But do all three apps allow you to develop your fashion sense by knowing what brands the people you’re following are wearing?  Do they allow you click on the brand and see who else is wearing that brand and in what style?  To me, the beauty of this app is how well it integrates photos with fashion.  On Instagram, you have to read through tons of hashtags to find out what brands people may choose to tag.  On fit Capture, all I have to do is click the picture and it points to what brand lies where.  From there, I click the brand and it shows me who all is wearing what that was made by “American Eagle” or “H&M” or “Nike.”  And, not only that, but I can categorize my outfits.  And that is where, for me, the professional devleopment, comes in.  If I, as an employee, want to know what I should be wearing to work on Casual Friday, I can look for inspiration in the casual section.  If I am going into a professional interview, I can look at that category.  If I’m hitting a lounge that night… Well, you get the picture (haha… see what I did there?)


I could go on and on about the app because I had the privilege of testing it in its beta format and adding my 3 cents into its development but, long story short, you should download it and test it out.  My thought process on apps is, download it, try it, and, if you love it, keep it.  I don’t ever say anyone will love any app that I love but most of my favorites are great for young professionals.  So take it for a test drive this week and next (it was just released this morning so the number of users is going to increase tremendously over the next few days), see what it’s all about, and let your friends know so that it’s a more interactive experience for everyone involved.


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Apple users, download here.

Android version coming soon!


Make professional development a priority.


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