Draw Boundaries NOW

Work hard.  Work your hardest.  You are leasing your time to a company/organization, so make sure that they’re getting quality work out of you.  But draw a line.  You have to have a work-life balance.  If you are on vacation, leave your work computer at home.  After a certain hour of night, stop checking emails.  You have to have a sacred time where you cannot be reached and where your mind is able to step away from work.

There are times when I work overtime or work on the weekends because it is an expectation for my role.  But, I also make sure people know that, when I’m on vacation, I’m not available to work on anything from the office.  You see, I’m not the president.  Nothing I do has life or death attached to it.  So, though there is always a sense of urgency to perform when I’m on the clock, when I’m not, I try to step away from the clock and regroup so that I can continue to perform at the highest level when I am at work.  If I didn’t draw boundaries, it would be expected of me that I’d always be available.  And, guess what?  I’m not.  I have a family and a life outside of work and so should you.  Shoot, if nothing else, I have a business outside of work.  If you let your 8-5 define you, you will only be that for as you are in that position.  Work to become multidimensional.  You have so much more potential.  But it all starts with drawing the line somewhere.


Make professional development a priority.


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