Back to the E-Mail Thing

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about making sure that your e-mail address was properly formatted.  Well, now I want to make sure that, when your name appears alongside the subject line of a message, it’s up to par as well.  “What’s the difference between a properly formatted e-mail address and my name?”  Ha!  I’m glad you asked.


My e-mail address is but when I send an e-mail, it comes to your inbox and says “Deryle Daniels, Jr.”  What does yours say when you send an e-mail?  Did you know that there was a difference?  And do you know how to change it?

Some people just have their company name.  When a company’s name comes into your inbox, how likely are you to open that e-mail?  For instance, let’s say I was e-mailing a potential donor with whom I’d developed a relationship and wanted to check on her.  If I e-mailed her and the name read “NCCU School of Law” underneath/beside a subject of “Just Checking In,” she may not open the e-mail.  With all the alumni e-mails she gets, she may think “Well, I don’t need to be checked on,” and archive it.  Understandably so.  But, if it’s coming from Deryle, who she knows well and just spoke with last week, she’s more likely to open and reply.

So, how do you change it?  Below are a few simple screenshots for how to do it via GMail (click on the image for a more detailed look).  Most other web-based platforms should allow you to do it in a similar fashion.  But, if all else fails, the “Help” section is there for a reason.



Make professional development a priority.


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