That’s Not in My Job Description

… But I’m going to do it.

Do you know how many times a day I could say that something isn’t in my job description? At least 66% of the things I do have nothing to do with what I’m paid to do.  Is that a poor use of resources by management?  Yes.  Am I going to complain?  Yes, but usually do my wife.  When I get these additional tasks added onto my plate, they provide me with the expereince necessary to diversify my résumé so that, when I’m looking for my next opportunity, I won’t be confined to one role.

Right now, as Assistant Director of Annual Giving (title is pretty straight forward, right?), I write annual giving letters, meet with donors, travel, plan events, write grants, write and design an entire magazine, plan campaigns, manage social media, take photographs, negotiate deals, develop reports, oversee bulk mailings, graphic design advertisements, ensure that bills are paid, write speeches, assist with student affairs, and develop faculty relations.  Basically, a ton of things that I’m not supposed to be doing  and don’t get paid to do but things that will help me get paid later on.  All of that allows me to keep moving toward the goal of stepping forward.

So, when you get told to do something that is out of your per view, if at all possible/reasonable, do it.  It will only help you get ahead.


Make professional development a priority.


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