Job vs. Career vs. Calling

Good morning!  I’m sitting here at work and I thought I’d hit you all with some inspiration.  Every Monday used to be #MotivationalMonday on The Reader but I got tired of restricting myself to just one day of motivating.  So, I do it now whenever I feel that it is necessary.  Well, today is one of those days.

The time changed yesterday but, being that today is the first day of the work week, it’s only now that many of us are actually feeling it.  And, getting out of bed, all I could think about was the fact that I did not want to get up and go to the office.  It’s not that I hate my job.  I really don’t.  I could actually see it turning into a career for me, being that this is the second development (fancy way of saying “fundraising”) position I’ve held in 5 years.  I just know that I’m meant for much more than this version of reality.  But, I have bills.  And I need experience.  And, though unideal, it’s not unethical nor unbearable.  So, here I am at 9:00 AM on Monday morning.  But I also can push through it because I know that my purpose is greater.  There are days I leave here and go speak to young people about professional development and I love it.  I get home and help millennials build résumés or cover letters and, though I charge for the service, there are plenty of instances in which I’ve done it for free.


Now, sometimes, a job can change into a career and you can find a way to inject your passion into your career but, when that is not the case, you have to find ways to fit your calling into your life.

Everyone’s calling isn’t the same.  And, just because someone’s passion differs from yours, don’t look at them differently.  I’m not here to judge what you’re meant to do.  I’m just here to say “Figure out what it is.”  And then, do all you can to do it, while still making sure your basic needs are met.


Make professional development a priority.


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