The men’s white button up…really necessary? (Response)

Yesterday, I ended up reading my brother Marcus Hawley’s, owner of Natty Neckware, blog post, “The men’s white button up…really necessary?”  I’m telling you, this guy hit the nail on the head.  Marcus’s specialty is neckwear but how often do you see a bow or necktie without a collared shirt?  (Don’t worry.  I’ll wait.)  Therefore, he not only needs to have an eye for designing ties, he also needs to know what they would be well-paired with, just in case he is ever asked by a customer “Hey, I have shirts in colors x, y, and z.  What ties do you have that would go well with 2 of 3?”

In the post, found on his blog Notably Natty, he briefly examines the origin of the white button up and moves into the contemporary uses of it, from formal to causal wear.  And, I must say, he is right.  Last weekend, I wore a white button up untucked with some Levis and Chucks.  This morning, I’m in another white with a navy suit with British Tan Cole Hanns and no tie.  Tomorrow, I could do a light sweater over a white button up, some chinos, and a pair of Clarks.  As Marcus so perfectly put in his introductory paragraph, “(t)he versatility of the white button up does something for an ensemble that most other colored shirts cannot do which is remain both timeless and always on trend.”

Take a minute to check out his blog, as well as his neckwear, and leave some feedback.  The brother put me in my best piece of neckwear, which I also paired with a white shirt, and, now, the combination sits as my headshot on LinkedIn.



Make professional development a priority.


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