Pushing the Envelope

I am often very conservative when it comes to my appearance in a business setting.  And, because I cannot take a haircut off like I can a Rolling Stones tee shirt, I have chosen not to go with haircuts that I thought to be stylish and fitting.

But, now, I am in a position in my life when I can try a more liberal look.  So I am.  No more dark Caesars for now.  Instead it’s fades.  Sometimes with a part.  Know why?  Because I may not have this hair of head for my whole life.  And I can perform my job just as well with a fade as I can with an even cut all around.

Be professional. But be a young professional.  Make calculated decisions.  If you know your industry won’t allow you to have a mohawk and be successful, I’m not saying don’t do it.  I’m just saying don’t be surprised when your boss places you on desk duty until your hair grows back.  Know where you work.  Do what you want with your hair (or other aspects of your appearance).  But know that there could be consequences.


Make professional development a priority.


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