Want to Show Them That You (don’t) Care?

Don’t care about your employees, the corporate culture, or the  future of your organization?  That’s the only reason you wouldn’t do an exit interview or an exit survey.  And, not doing that speaks volumes.  You do have time.  And resources.  You just choose to invest both in the wrong places.  And some organizations are scared of criticism.  They think it will make them look bad.  But so will entire departments leaving because of being treated poorly.  And, no, no one likes dealing with disgruntled employees but the question isn’t whether or not they are disgruntled.  The question is what made them become that way, because I’m sure they didn’t interview with such disdain for the company.  And, one of my favorite sayings is, “Even a broken clock is right at least two times a day.”  So write down what they say and find the consistency between that and what others who have moved on have said.

Employees are going to leave.  It’s inevitable.  But how you treat their leaving speaks you your (organization’s) character.


Make professional development a priority.


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