A Bit of Dating Advice for the YP

Who am I to give dating advice?  I’m someone with common sense.  And I realize that, as a young professional, you’re going to want exciting romantic escapades.  But this doesn’t have to be done at the expense of lying.  When I was younger, we would line the ladies to death.  I mean, I had a line for every day of the week and two for Fridays.  But that was when I was in undergrad.  As an adult, you must put away childish things.  Game was the thing then.  Now, you need just to be honest.  We’re all too old for lies.  If you like a woman, stop trying to be so cool.  Ladies, if the guy likes you and you like him back, don’t be so afraid to put yourself out there.  The only (and I mean only) way a relationship will work is if both parties are willing to be vulnerable with one another.  And vulnerability in its truest form comes from honesty.  Sure, get her attention but do it in a different way.  If you think she has gorgeous eyes (and if she doesn’t have a ring on), say “Excuse me miss, I just wanted to tell you that you have lovely eyes.”  Strike up a conversation.  Ladies, if you’re a go getter and you see a gentleman with a nice physique, ask him where he works out.  Once again, strike up a conversation.  We’re all too old to be asking every potential partner if it hurt when they fell from heaven.  Young professionals, let’s grow up.  Let’s tell the truth.  Truth is, you think the person is pretty darn cool and you want to get to know them better.  Not only our foods, but our friendships, must come from organic places.


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