WOW!!! We HAVE to think differently!

I just saw something pretty phenomenal.  Amazon now offers what they call a “Dash Button.”  Put simply, it is the Staples Easy button on steroids.  So, you get a Dash Button for a given brand and, whenever you’re running low on that brand’s product, you press the button and it sends you a refill.  Automation has reached a new level.

Are we becoming lazy?  Yes.  But isn’t that what technology really is?  Everything from the pulley system to the Dash Button has been created to make life easier for us.  Shoot, if you’re not making things easier, what are you doing?

So, how are you thinking out of the box?  Every great brand has focused on how it can make life easier for its consumers.  Think outside the box.  Build upon someone else’s idea.  No one has created anything from scratch for the past 2 or 3,000 years.  Don’t believe me? Tesla >> Ford >> Carriage >> Chariot >> Horse.  Smartphone >> Telephone/Computer >> Telegraph/Typewriter >> Letter/Book.  Need I say more?  Everything that is built is just an extension on something before with the goal of making a process easier.  Shoot, even Post-It notes make life easier by preventing you from sticking tape on a sheet of paper.

If you want to be great, all you have to do is train yourself to think differently about things that people think clearly about.  300 years ago, if I had explained a computer or a plane (shoot, or a black president), I would have been called a witch or lunatic and killed.  Good thing is, now I can think outside the box freely and say that I’m going to invent a hologram screen that can throw a football back to me and, who knows?  It may happen.

One last thing before I go: I remember my mom saying that one of my cousin’s was crazy when we were younger because he saw our fax machine and said he wishes he could fax himself from there (Manhattan) to LA.  But I’m not so certain that we’re too far off from being able to do that.  Think outside the box.  And patent it.  It’ll take you very far.


Make professional deveopment a priority.


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