Knowing You’re On the Right Track

A lot of people often question “Am I on the right track?” And it’s really hard to know.  You can try and you can plan and you can still not succeed.  But that’s all a part of the path to success.  Yesterday, I was talking to a man who, though not rich, is a hard worker who is financially stable and has an amazing wife and two sons I consider brothers.  He blessed me with a ton of knowledge in our short talk but, the one thing he said that will stick with me is something that his mother told him: “If you’re doing the right thing, you’ll know it by how hard it feels.  And sometimes you won’t get any praise or thanks but your peace will come from knowing that those you care about are taken care of.”  To me, that’s all the riches I need.  So, you may never be rich.  But work hard enough to take the load off of someone you care about.  And you may not know who that is right now but know that you’re working for that person in the future.

By the way, that book above is a lesson for all, no matter what age or stage of life.  It was the first book I ever read (thanks to my godmother) and I still have that same copy.


Make professional development a priority.


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