No Backward Steps

It’s Monday!  Yes!  Excited?  If not, change it.  Make sure that, a month from now at this time, you’re more excited about the possibilities the next day, week, month, and year will bring.  Don’t like your job?  You probably won’t miraculously have a new one next week but you can dedicate an hour each night to filling out a few applications.  Not happy with your social life?  Find a networking event targeted at young professionals to got every week.  Spiritually drained?  Do some research and find a house of worship that fits your needs.  Life is too short to be depressed every time Monday rolls around.  Shoot, Mondays make up 14.3% of our lives!  Do you really want to spend that much time being depressed?  I surely don’t (and won’t).  So work on fixing what you don’t like.


Make professional development a priority.


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