Really Take Time and Think

Success.  Such a simple word that is unable to be defined.  I can define every other word I have typed thus far in this post with ease for you.  The trick about success is you have to define it for yourself.  If you’re a musician, being successful could be represented by the winning of a Grammy.  But the Baha Men won one once upon a time and now they… Well, this post isn’t about who it was who let the dogs out.  Or, maybe a successful athlete defines success as winning a championship but you know Warren Sapp went bankrupt right?  In every field of human endeavor, there is a chance to be successful on a surface level.  But the truest success of all is leveraging your success to inspire a change.  More important than the Grammy is the song that wins it by influencing lives.  More important than the Super Bowl ring is the use of a player’s bonus to invest in a community center.

Take some time today to define success for yourself. Think of what it means long term.  Draw out a map of how you can get there.  And make it happen.  But, no matter what you do, don’t forget, “Who Let The Dogs Out?” should never be the end of your goal.


Make professional development a priority.


One thought on “Really Take Time and Think

  1. This is a really great post 🙂 and no matter what your definition of success is, improving yourself everyday is always the right choice!

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