Tidbits From the Barbershop

My second favorite thing to do while I wait at my barbershop is play chess (the first is to have a complementary beer but, as I sit here waiting on a shape up before going into the office, I opted out of that luxury).  I rarely take on an opponent here at the shop unless the wait is unusually long because one of the two of us will likely get called for a cut, ruining the game.  So it gives me a perfect opportunity to hone my skills and work on the way I think against my opposition.
That, my friends, is how you should think of every day.  You need to learn yourself so well that, when you come face to face with an opponent, beating them is an easier task than it would be if you didn’t take an opportunity to learn yourself.  Read.  Think.  Write about what you thought.  Reread what you wrote.  And be willing to change your position if it seems logical, ethical, and like a sound decision, professional or otherwise.

Life is chess.  Too many of us are out here playing checkers.

Make professional development a priority.


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