Death to the Written Verbal Filler

Like, I am so, um, tired of the written verbal filler.

Verbal fillers are the imperfection of human speech.  Very few people speak as eloquently as they write because writing, ideally, ought to be thought out before it is sent out.  Typing “um,” “uh,” “like,” outside the confines of quotation marks is truly pointless.

Why do we do it?  Millennials, this question is for us.  Does it make us feel cooler?  Because the point of writing, especially business writing, is not to feel cool.  Even on social media, typing in a verbal filler serves no purpose and it is a waste of your 140 characters if you are on Twitter and simply a waste of a minute amount of time if you’re on any other character-limitless platform.

So stop it.  It is not ok.  We’re too smart and we have access to too many thesauri to be this wasteful.  The English language can be beautiful.  Let us not make it ugly.  Use “like” when comparing or to refer to something being enjoyed.  That’s it, unless you truly are addled while you’re speaking words from your mouth (I shouldn’t have to say that but I also shouldn’t be writing a post on writing verbal fillers).  It is at that point that you have a pass.


Make professional development a priority.


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