There Are Rules

Folks, there are rules to everything.  EVERYTHING.  And I’m not saying you have to follow them.  Shoot, I don’t follow all rules.  But I try to learn all rules that apply to my life.  See, there are some rules that are archaic and make no sense.  Example: In some counties of North Carolina (my state of residence), if you spend a night in a hotel with a person you’re not married to, you, at the moment of checking in, are married to that person.  Ummm… Yeah… Nah.  But other rules are pretty sensible.  Example: Signaling while turning.

Life is full of rules.  We choose which to adhere to and which not to.  But, folks, at least be aware of them.  Going into situations with a lack of proper etiquette can most certainly ruin relationships, whether professional or personal.  If you know the rules and choose not to follow them, that’s on you. But, if you have the opportunity to learn the rule (which all of us with internet access have {yes, you have internet access because you’re reading this}) and choose not to, that’s you electing into ignorance.

So, whether you’re going to/having a wedding or leading a meeting that follows Robert’s Rules of Order, know the rules of the setting you enter.  Then make the decision on whether or not to follow them.


Make professional development a priority.


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