Too Cool Millennials

Last week, I wrote a pretty popular post on millennials and how entitled, impatient, irreverent, etc. we are.  And, in the post, I refuted all of that.  But, the day after I wrote that piece, my wife and I stepped into a business and met with a manager to discuss an issue I had with the business.  The manager fell into the millennial demographic.  This man decided to speak freely with us about our problem.  And, though not malicious, his language was rather crass.  He dropped f- and s-bombs all over the conversation (Ok, I’m exaggerating.  Not all over but the 4 or 5 times he used those words were noticeable).  And I realized, though there are a lot of great qualities about our generation that I love, we do need some polishing in certain areas.  Knowing when and when not to curse is one of those areas.

Hint: In a professional setting is not that time (unless that is the culture wherever you are) and it is NEVER alright to curse in front of/at a customer.
Suggestion: Read more.  As opposed to using s***, use excrement.


Make professional development a priority.


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