Forget Your Title

You’re a manager.  Whoopty-freakin’-do.

Are you a leader?  See, anyone can be a manager.  The kid in 6th grade who wasn’t old enough to play on the football team was the equipment manager (no offense to those guys because they play an important role on the team).  See, many teams need managers.  But every team needs a leader.  And, if you’re a manager, that’s fine but don’t be a manager claiming to be a leader.  A leader inspires.  A leader communicates.  A leader has vision.  A leader builds up his team to make them stronger.  If you aren’t working to develop yourself as a leader, be a manager and be ok with that.  But don’t be surprised when your employees decide the want to look for a leader to follow, one who will help make them better.

Managers, it would behoove you to enroll in some leadership training courses.  It will help you and your team perform better.  Or you could have an ever-revolving door within your organization.

The choice is yours.


Make professional development a priority.


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