Rewarding or Exhausting?

You ever had a pair of jeans that looked great on you?

You probably wore them until they wore thin in the crotch.

And then you wore them more until they wore out in the crotch.

Then they were ruined.

Oh, but what if you had the good sense to take them to the tailor and get them reinforced?

Now, as a leader, what if, instead of wearing out your employees, you went to HR and provided them with more money.  Or, if your company doesn’t have the money to give, what if you gave your employee a better benefits package?  Better healthcare?  Or more vacation time if healthcare is too expensive?  Maybe a better savings plan.  Wow.

Maybe then that pair of jeans would have lasted longer.

Maybe that employee would have stayed.

But now, both are worn out and off to be recycled by someone else who will make the most of their new found resource.


Make professional development a priority.


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