Day 2: Married in Maryland

We woke up this morning in Baltimore and enjoyed not having to do anything.  Usually, Sunday mornings bring church services followed by errands but, this Sunday, I got to just journal and laze around until checkout time at 11.  We signed up for Spotify premium because they have a great deal going right now and because I can access the Spotify library while in the air without being connected.

After checkout, Desirée and I caught an Uber to the Federal Hill borough and had a pretty good brunch at a place called Spoon’s.  I went with the vegetarian option of eggs, toast, and hash browns while Desirée had eggs and a waffle.  We also had these heavily poured strawberry lemonade mimosas that were awesome.  Following brunch, we slid by CVS to pick up some stuff and then caught the light rail all over the city to kill time before we got to the airport (we hopped off at one point to grab some food for the 12-hour flight).

The funniest part of the day was finding a way to get our baggage, which was over the weight limit, on the plane without paying too much more.  We had already bought extra weight for Des so we didn’t want to spend another $50 on my bag.  Luckily I had packed an empty backpack in my duffle bag for days we need it around the cities.  So I proceeded to put the unnecessary things in the small knapsack and covered that up with my sweatshirt.  Looked odd but it would have worked had I needed it to.  Luckily, I was smart enough to just sit the extra bag in the cut and then toss it back in my duffle after the weigh-in.  We made it through security with one small hiccup: I forgot I had a bottle of water in my duffle so we got that tossed out and were sent on our merry way.

Now, travelers, beware: Baltimore Washington International has a less than luxurious international wing.  This wing only has one restaurant that is a proprietary one.  And we can’t go back through security.  So, being that we have to stay here and are flying at 7, dinner will be had at Passports (that’s the name of the restaurant, if it was unclear).

That’s it.  My next post to this series will be live from Amsterdam because it will be noon tomorrow by the time we touchdown (but I’ll have this post on a timer so you all can keep up).

Make exploration a priority.


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